Welcome to
the Shiguchi-do!

Hello, my name is Yoshihiro Takishita. I am the proprietor and curator of the Shiguchi-do, which, in English, I call the Joinery Hall.
Over many years it has been my occupation and calling to relocate and restore old minka, the hundreds-of-years-old homes of the Japanese farming community.

The word shiguchi refers to the joints that connect beams, pillars, and other structural members by means of mortises and tenons. In the process of moving and restoring old minka, joints that are damaged or worn are sometimes excised and discarded as scrap. However, since each of these joints has its own story to tell, its own unique history, I found it difficult to simply toss them aside. Fifty years have now passed since I started to collect the more interesting examples of these discarded shiguchi.

The Shiguchi-do displays the results of this effort, a convivial gathering of the shiguchi that I now consider my friends.
Wishing to introduce these wonderful works of craftsmanship to a wider audience, I have produced this book.
I hope that you find my shiguchi as intriguing as I do.

Yoshihiro Takishita

The Shiguchi-do is temporary closed due to the renovation

<Overseas Shiguchi Exhibition in 2018>
"Shiguchi: The Hidden Art of Japanese Joinery"
Date: September 27 〜 November 4
Place: Gamble House in Pasadena, California, USA
Information about the Forthcoming Exhibition